Green Path Solutions combines expertise in environmental communication, editing, research, and sustainability consulting with a commitment to your mission and values. Together, we can preserve and improve the environment and thrive in the process.

A path leads you forward. It’s a process of discovery. Sometimes the path can be straight as an arrow. Sometimes it can meander and lead you to places you’d never imagined. You don’t always know exactly where you will end up, or what twists and turns lie between you and your destination, but if you follow the path, you know you will get there. Green Path Solutions supports your process of discovery. Whether you need to tell your story quickly and directly, or you are still working out the details, Green Path will get you where you need to go.

Green Path Solutions advocates for your issues and goals on a project basis or through ongoing services. As a client, you will receive a robust mix of communication skill, subject matter expertise, and dedication to your environmental objectives. Whether your focus is local or global, public sector or private, community-based or corporate, Green Path’s flexibility will keep your needs first. Your priorities inform our process.