Environmental Writing

Good writing makes a big difference, whether you are trying to attract donors, convey your value to clients, keep stakeholders informed, inspire people to act, or increase your readership. Green Path Solutions offers a variety of environmental writing services, including grant proposals, press releases, white papers, newsletters, web copy, reports, literature reviews, emails, and other communications. Each of these follows different conventions, from format to style. I will adapt to the requirements of the format you need or the audience you want to reach, and your organization’s mission, values, and goals will be the focus of my product. I can create a document from scratch, or I can build on a rough draft or legacy documents. Either way, the end result will reflect your expertise and xxx (professionalism).

Effective writing addresses the needs of your audience. The most important part of my job as a writer is anticipating and meeting those needs. I specialize in writing for non-technical audiences and the general public, as well as for policy-oriented and academic audiences. I have considerable experience in adapting content to a variety of settings, including funding agencies and governmental organizations. As a writer, I have worked in government offices, with nongovernmental organizations, and for multidisciplinary academic publications. I write about specific environmental topics and issues, such as water or energy conservation, as well as broader environmental trends like climate change or sustainability. No matter what the project is, I will put your audience first.

Please contact me, and we can discuss the details.